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2019 Overview

Always Busy Consulting Helps Open Doors for Minorities

Always Busy Consulting (ABC) is heavily involved with various educational and business partnerships in an effort to help open doors for minority and women workers, professionals and businesses.  ABC continues to provide comprehensive consulting services for corporations and small businesses to help them attain their diversity goals and create an atmosphere in which their workforce can thrive.

ABC’s President Stephanie Turman (first from the left) poses with other business owners and professionals.

2019 Bonding Series Full Graduation

Getting More Skilled and Qualified Workers Into the Workforce

The Bonding program has been extremely timely and instrumental in bridging the gap for contractors who have the skills but have not learned how to get into position to participate on the big stage. Always Busy Consulting is helping individuals and businesses alike get the training that they need to move their business forward in the construction industry’s opportunistic landscape.

“We are super excited to help make a difference for many of the graduates.”  We say, “Congratulations, Job Well Done!” 

Bonding Graduation Promo Video

Always Busy Consulting: Finding The Right People For The Job.

The role of ABC for the TMP DBE Team has been Community Outreach and Engagement for small business owners. The agency’s Month Long course aimed at helping individuals and contractors get properly bonded. Some of the topics included. Aviation Overview / PA Unified Certification Program Safety / Bond Readiness / The Life Cycle of Bonding Legal Issues for Smaller Contractors / DBE Compliance Construction Accounting.

People are going to college to get degrees in construction. Everything is starting to turn, and construction is becoming more efficient and more dynamic.”